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About us


Social Skills Superheroes is an organisation established by two professionals: an educator and a social worker, both parents of children with disabilities, seeking to create the sort of service they thought was missing within their community. For anyone who wants their child to be able to join a game of soccer on the playground, get invited to the latest birthday party, find buddies who share their interests and have a plan for dealing with bullies, Social Skills Superheroes offers programs to help.


Our goals

Our aim is to provide families with programs that help their children develop the social and emotional skills to better participate in family life, friendships, their school and community. We believe this will enable them to make the most of their areas of strength and interest, which will lead to personal fulfillment, connectedness to others and a sense of being valued.  

Our approach

Our approach is based on our professional qualifications, training and extensive work experience in the field, as well as our personal lived experience as parents of children with disabilities. We believe this puts us in the best position to understand and support families.

Family based

We understand, first hand, the barriers, frustrations and doubts parents feel when they have children with challenges. We know what therapy burnout feels like, and we know that sometimes it feels like nothing is working. We all want to give our children the best chance in life. We will work with you to make that possible.


We understand the logistics and challenges of a busy family life. We will work with you to overcome barriers because we want our programs to help you and your family enjoy your time together. 


Our team are qualified professionals with over 20 years combined experience in the fields of education, including special education, and social work. We have expertise in assessing, developing and implementing programs, supporting families and children with special needs and individualising programs, so that they really help. We understand the basis of behaviours and how best to make children feel nurtured, build relationships and engage with learning.

Our commitment to you
  1. We will listen. At the beginning of each program, families will go through an intake process where we will identify your needs, goals and hopes. We will collaborate with families at each step of the way. We always welcome feedback and suggestions for improvements and have procedures in place, should you wish to make a complaint.

  2. We recognise you understand your child better than anyone. We know you come to us with a wealth of valuable knowledge and experience. We don't think we know better, or can do it better. We offer to support your family with tools and strategies to compliment what you are already doing well. 

  3. We will not judge.

  4. We will respect your choices.

  5. We won't promise miracles. We will provide you with the best programs available, that is, programs that are supported by research and strong evidence showing they have been effective in helping others develop social and emotional skills.  Through the program, we will work with you and your child to develop a toolbox of concrete strategies, and support you in implementing them at home, at school and in your community.

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