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Secret Agent Society Program
What's included in the fee?

As well as parent, teacher, individual and group sessions, our fee includes all program materials including the following:

  • loan of a take-home computer game

  • A 93 page full colour Parent Workbook to keep

  • A 155 page full colour Cadet Handbook for your child

  • Full colour weekly tip sheets for your child's teacher

  • a graduation party, certificate and medal

  • a stress ball

  • a pocketbook card holder and illustrated skill code cards

  • An Emotionometer (emotion thermometers) and stickers for your child to individualise

  • Fact File cards

  • An ID pass and lanyard

  • An SAS backpack for bringing materials to and from sessions.

Social Skills Superheroes is registered to provide supports for NDIS participants.


NDIS participants with appropriate available funding will have no out-of-pocket expenses.


All program resources including rewards and weekly materials are covered under the scheduled cost.

Please note prices will change in line with current NDIS pricing guidelines.

Please contact us to receive our latest fee schedule

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