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Small group programs

Research shows the small group model is an effective way for children to develop social skills because they get to practice their developing skills with peers in a safe and supportive environment. At Social Skills Superheroes, children attend small group sessions with carefully matched peers. Our typical teacher to student ratio is 1:2, with  groups having a maximum of six participants supported by two teachers.

Individual sessions

While many of our programs are offered in a group setting,  we offer individual appointments for intake and assessment and we meet with your child's teacher and undertake a school-based observation session. In addition, ongoing individual therapy sessions maybe arranged for children where a group based setting is assessed as not being the best fit, or where this is the family's preference.

Parent and teacher participation

Our programs include parent workshops and teacher collaboration to facilitate generalisation of skills across environments. 


We offer alternative modes of delivery for families who think this model will not be the best fit for their family. We can arrange for your child and family to work through the program individually with one of our team members, instead of participating in the group, or we can work with your child to gain the skills they need to participate in the group program at a later date. We are always happy to discuss and make arrangements to meet individual needs.


Our goal is to offer our group programs at convenient locations and times that work around your family commitments. We want to include the parent who often misses out due to work commitments and any other carers or extended family members who have an interest in your child’s development. Contact us to discuss your needs and we will take into account your preferences when scheduling sessions. 

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